Leading Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill

I am proud to be leading the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill to ensure that the Government does not trade with genocidal states.

In December 2020, the House of Lords added an amendment to the Trade Bill, which introduces measures against genocidal states. The Bill returned to the House of Commons last night and the House of Commons got the opportunity to vote on this amendment.

I led a political coalition to protect the amendment, comprising of every opposition party, major community organisations of most British faith communities, and the former leader of the Conservatives, Iain Duncan Smith. Although the motion was narrowly defeated, the scale of the rebellion showed that the Government could not ignore calls to deal with the issue of genocide trade.

I continue to lead the campaign and I have tabled a compromise amendment. Because the defeat was so narrow, the Hose of Lords will be emboldened to adopt an improved amendment - the Ghani Genocide Amendment, which will return to the House of Commons on 9 February.

View my speeches in Parliament:

  • 29 January 2021, FCDO Statement - view here.
  • 28 January 2021, Holocaust Memorial debate - view here.
  • 21 January 2021, BBC News coverage of vote on the Amendment - view here.

I have written various articles on the topic for national media. You can read them by clicking on the links below:

  • The Times, 11 January 2021: "The UK should be empowered not to trade with regimes overseeing genocide" - Available here. (PDF version attached below)
  • Jewish News, 14 January 2021: "We can halt the Uyghur genocide by ending business as usual" - Available here.
  • Politics Home, 4 February 2021: "China and genocide. Our new proposal answers Ministers’ objections. So they should support it." - Available here.
  • The Telegraph, 6 February 2021: "Regimes that commit genocide must not be rewarded with trade deals" - Available here. (PDF version attached below)

Read the media coverage below:

  • Mail Online, 9 January 2021: "Brutal, criminal and inhumane: Tory report's devastating verdict on the Beijing regime as party's grandees urge Boris Johnson to face down China" - Available here.
  • The Guardian, 10 January 2021: "Raab to clampdown on firms linked to forced labour in Xinjiang" - Available here.
  • The Sun, 10 January 2021: "SLAVE GOODS BAN: Britain set to outlaw Chinese imports with links to human rights abuse" - Available here.
  • The Times, 11 January 2021:"Boris Johnson under pressure from top Tories to take stronger stand against China" - Available here.
  • The Telegraph, 12 January 2021: "Raab's robust words on China don't stand up to scrutiny" - Available here.
  • The Spectator, 12 January 2021: "China’s human rights crackdown is getting worse" - Available here. (See PDF version below)
  • Evening Standard,12 January: "Dominic Raab slams ‘barbarism’ in Xinjiang province as he announces fines for firms in China using forced labour" - Available here.
  • The Guardian, 14 January 2021: "UK government faces battle over giving courts power to rule on genocide" - Available here.
  • Jewish News, 14 January 2021: "MPs call for political action against China over Uyghur persecution" - Available here.
  • The Telegraph, 15 January 2021:"US China hawks urge English courts to declare cases of genocide overseas" - Available here.
  • The Express, 17 January 2021: "Boris Johnson orders Rishi to spearhead new Brexit committee so UK can exploit Brexit" - Available here.
  • The Sun, 17 January 2021" Boris Johnson faces Tory revolt as MPs demand China faces trade sanctions" - Available here.
  • The Telegraph, 18 January 2021: "Tory rebels are ready to hold ministers' feet to the fire over China" - Available here.
  • The Telegraph, 18 January 2021: "Tory rebels' genocide law may block China trade" - Available here.
  • The Tablet, 18 January 2021: "Move to block trade deals with countries committing genocide" - Available here.
  • iNews, 18 January 2021: "Boris Johnson facing China trade deal Tory rebellion with ‘genocide amendment’" - Available here.
  • The Guardian, 19 January 2021: "UK proves world-beating at Covid deaths and prioritising profit" - Available here.
  • Evening Standard, 19 January 2021: "Tory MP Nus Ghani urges colleagues to ‘show what British values are about’ with genocide amendment vote" - Available here.
  • Evening Standard, 19 January 2021: "Tory MPs threaten revolt on Brexit trade bill over China ‘genocide amendment" - Available here.
  • Jewish News, 21 January 2021: "Voice of the Jewish News: Realpolitik must not permit this genocide" - Available here.


Nus Ghani speaks at emergency press conference on New Genocide Amendment

Parliamentarians, human rights lawyers, World Uyghur Congress representatives and a Holocaust survivor came together at a Board of Deputies event, to call on MPs of all political parties to support the New Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill, which would allow the UK High Court to make a prelimi

My articles supporting the Genocide Amendment campaigns

Please see below the articles I have written on the New Genocide Amendment and why Britain has an obligation to stand up against all tyrannical governments. All articles are also attached as PDFs at the bottom of this page.