I am honoured to be the Member of Parliament for Wealden and I am here to help no matter how you voted at the last election. Below is a selection of lovely messages from constituents whom my team and I have successfully assisted in resolving an issue.

I hold surgeries every week, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email: nusrat.ghani.mp@parliament.uk or write to me to: House of Commons London, SW1A 0AA if there is anything I can assist you with.






Dan, 📍Mayfield
“Great work. Thank you for your commitment and positive steps to help continue improving Wealden.”

Peter, 📍Forest Row
"I simply want to say "Thank you" for all the obvious hard work you are putting in for all these different things that are going on in your constituency."

Jill, 📍Wadhurst
“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your tireless work you do on behalf of us all. We are all quick to complain but not enough expression of thanks is given to MPs such as yourself who work so hard on our behalf.”

Geoff, 📍Withyham
“I am very glad to see you campaigning on behalf of these oppressed people. Keep up the good work!”

Jane, 📍 Lye Green
“I am so grateful [for your response]. We are very, very lucky to have you as our MP. Thank you once again.”

Nusrat thanking the staff and volunteers at Hailsham Medical Centre

Hailsham Medical Group

Don, 📍Hailsham
“I just wanted to congratulate you on your determination to raise awareness of the Uighurs’ plight. We heartily admire and support you.”

Katherine, 📍Uckfield
“A huge thank you for your help. I do believe that your intervention was extremely helpful. I continue to be impressed by your commitment to the local community. You are an excellent MP.”

David, 📍Forest Row
“A sincere thanks for your valued intervention regarding our problems. Without your intervention we are sure this matter would not have been addressed.”

Moira, 📍Crowborough
“I want to say thank you and well done for the work done, and the works yet to be done. I have a disabled friend who has not been able to use the Crowborough station and she will be thrilled, as I am, that others will benefit from it.”

Geoff, 📍Hailsham
“I’m very glad I asked for your help. You responded very promptly to my message and something very positive has happened.”

Nusrat saying thanks to Hellingly Scouts

Hellingly Scouts





Joanne, 📍Crowborough
“I am simply writing to you to say thank you for your brave, bold stand against COVID Passes in the recent vote in parliament. Thank you again for your brave stand. I trust you will have a good holiday period, ready to act on our behalf again in the New Year.”

Gary, 📍Uckfield
“Thank you for your recent letter keeping us updated on your various local and national projects, it's good to know Wealden is so well represented at a national level.”

Carolyn, 📍Wadhurst
“Thank you so much for your quick action to my problem with my drainage system and for your intervening on my behalf with the ESCC. I am reassured that this will be fully dealt with. I am most grateful for your quick intervention. Thank you so much.”

John, 📍Horam
“Just to congratulate you on your resolute stand for the Uighurs. This issue has been ignored for too long by the international community.”

Elizabeth, 📍Uckfield
“Thank you very much for your email and help in securing a booster jab for my housebound mother. She received a phone call followed promptly by a visit. Many thanks again.”


Nusrat thanking Wadhurst Carillon Cottage volunteers

Carillon Cottage

Andy, 📍Hailsham
“Thank you once again for your support.  No doubt your added input helped out enormously and things are moving along now.”

Elizabeth, 📍Uckfield
“I would firstly like to thank you, amazing response and a clear compassion for my issues regarding the universal credit. I was at a very low point, and you have made this whole process a whole lot easier. I feel so humbled that you took my case onboard and dealt with it as quickly as you have. Once again, thank you so much for your ongoing support.”

John, 📍Crowborough
“I just wanted to thank you for your quick response last week. I appreciate your time and the stance you have taken to help my business. I would also like to congratulate you on your excellent work in helping the cause of the Uyghurs. Politicians in the west need to stand up for human rights wherever there is abuse regardless of the power or wealth of the aggressors and you have certainly made your mark on this most important issue.”

Jane, 📍Crowborough
“Thank you very much for following up on my previous letter. All the best for your ongoing hard work.”

Antony, 📍Uckfield
“Thanks for working so hard in the constituency this year.”

Nusrat saying thanks to Five Ash Down Post Office

Post Office

Louise, 📍Crowborough
“Thank you so much for your support. I have now finally exchanged contracts and completed on my house. I think your input helped to finally speed them up.”

Alistair, 📍Uckfield
“Thanks, and I have now received my driving licence. Once again, I am very appreciative of your kind and successful efforts on my behalf.”

Emma, 📍Crowborough
“Thank you so much for contacting Openreach on my behalf. I have been trying to contact them and have had no response until you stepped in. Since you contacted them I have had not one, but two of their engineers contact me!”

Peter, 📍Crowborough
“My wife and I deeply appreciate your ready, sympathetic response to our concerns. We are greatly impressed by your efficient, courteous involvement.”

Yvonne, 📍Hailsham
“My problem with the DWP has been resolved, only because you were kind enough to get involved. I feel that had it not been for you, my complaint would still be unresolved! Many thanks and keep up the excellent work.”

Nusrat saying thanks to Uckfield FM radio station

Uckfield FM

David, 📍Wadhurst
“Many thanks for your cogent, timely and convincing article about not making trade deals with regimes that commit genocide.”

Debra, 📍Forest Row
“Thank you so much for your very swift response and action. We really appreciate your assistance and support.”

Duncan, 📍Crowborough
“Thank you ever so much for your reply, I have to say I wasn't expecting a response quite so quick. I am grateful to you for your representation on our behalf and look forward to hearing what the council have to say on this matter.”

Madeleine, 📍Uckfield
“I have been reading the newsletter which you send and hearing you on the radio. I just wanted, as one of your constituents, to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your hard work at local, national and international levels.”

Paul, 📍Crowborough
“I have finally received a decision from DWP. It has only been because of your intervention that they have sent me this decision now. Once again thank you for your help and support, I really do appreciate it.”

Nusrat saying thank you to Saxonbury House in Crowborough 

Saxonbury House

Jonathan, 📍Wych Cross
“Happy new year and thank you for sharing this impressive summary of many of the ways that you are supporting the constituents of Wealden. Thanks for all your hard work and successes last year and ongoing in 2022. It was great to hear that you have lobbied the Chancellor for some levelling up funding for our region.”

Liz, 📍Wadhurst
“I was waiting until I received my actual licence card and it is with enormous relief I can tell you that it arrived from DVLA this morning. I cannot express just how grateful I am to you for helping me out with this tiresome problem and really appreciate your involvement. Thank you. I send you my very warmest regards.”

Dennis, 📍Crowborough
“Many thanks for your, kind, thoughtful and efficient work, it does not go unappreciated.”

Martin, 📍Crowborough
“I really appreciate you lobbying Southern on my behalf and your time spent on this matter. There are so many pressing issues that I’m sure you are having to deal with and prioritise at the moment. Thank you so much again.”

Nusrat thanking the staff at Meads Medical Centre in UckfieldUckfield Medical Centre

Peter, 📍High Hurstwood
"Lovely to get the constituency news. Thank you for all you do."

Madeleine, 📍Fairwarp
“Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of your constituents.”

Brian, 📍Crowborough
“I am writing to thank you for your support in the DVLA’s lack of progress in dealing properly with my application to renew my driving licence. I am delighted to say I have now received my driving licence. I am sure that without your intervention, my licence renewal would still have been delayed.”

Maureen, 📍Hailsham
"Thank you for your response and reassurance. I do appreciate that you always take time to reply to emails." 

Nigel, 📍Crowborough
“I am delighted to say that today I received a cheque from HMRC for the money they owed me. I am sure your help expedited matters for which I am grateful. Many thanks.”

Nusrat thanking Mayfield volunteers for their work supporting Ukrainian families arriving to Wealden

Mayfield Heroes

Nikki, 📍Uckfield
"I write to confirm that the mother and daughter family that we have sponsored have received their permission to travel to the UK . Your help in progressing this is really appreciated as it has provided feedback to us and the impetus for the visa team to complete the process."

Chris, 📍Danehill
"Thank you very much for the help you have given us. We have never contacted an MP before. It has been a thoroughly positive experience."