Nus Ghani Calls For The Protection Of the Christian Minority In Pakistan

Nus Ghani attended an event marking the legacy of Shabhaz Bhatti, a Christian member of the National Assembly of Pakistan whose assassination 9 years ago was motivated by his opposition to blasphemy laws and his support for Asia Bibi.
The event served as an opportunity for the presentation of the ‘Declaration for Peaceful Coexistence of Religious Minorities in Pakistan’, by Lord Alton of Liverpool.

Nus Ghani welcomed the Declaration and stressed its importance in sending a strong message to the government of Pakistan with regards to the vulnerable state of religious minorities in the country, especially the Ahmadiyya and Christian minorities.

After the event, Ghani said:

‘This is a day worth marking every year. Shabhaz Bhatti’s murder brought to light the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan. He must be remembered as a fighter for justice and equality before the law.’

‘I am familiar with the horrific effects of blasphemy laws, as I campaigned for the safety and security of Asia Bibi, throughout her ordeal.'

'Minorities the world over are faced with adversity. Through events such as this one, we send out a message that they are not forgotten, least not by us, in the UK. A fairer world must see every country treating all citizens equally.’