Ghani Welcomes 100 New PCSOs for Sussex

Nus Ghani, local MP for Wealden welcomes the news that Sussex Police is on track to recruit 100 extra PCSOs by March 2020, in addition to improvements to PCSO allocations in Sussex.


The 100 extra PCSOs will be in addition to the Government’s target to recruit 129 extra police officers in Sussex by the end of 2020-21. This constitutes the Government’s ambitious plan to recruit 20,000 police officers over the next three years.


Furthermore, the Queen’s speech presented forthcoming business on strengthening police powers, providing extra protection for police officers and their families, and increasing sentences for criminals who have committed violent crime.


Locally, a change in strategy by Sussex Police meant that starting from 4th November those living across Sussex, including Wealden, will be allocated their own dedicated “named PCSO.” “Named PCSOs” are PCSOs that will be assigned to a local area of responsibility, based on established boundaries. This system will allow PCSOs to develop trust and an in-depth understanding of the communities they serve.


Since being elected Nus has campaigned hard for resources to tackle rural crimes, online scams, and child exploitation. Meeting regularly with both victims of crime and with local police to highlight the particular needs of Wealden constituents. Most recently meeting with Wealden Police officers, Uckfield Parish Councillors and Tesco staff to discuss challenges facing children in the constituency.


“I welcome the innovative change in strategy to allocate “named PCSOs” which puts the community in the heart of Policing. I can see how this will allow for greater police visibility across Sussex and indeed in Wealden,” said Nus Ghani.


“I look forward to meeting and working with all of the “named PCSOs” that will be assigned to my constituency,” she added.


In addition to the 100 extra PCSOs allocated across Sussex, Sussex Police will allocate 2 “rural PCSOs” to East Sussex. The rural PCSOs will have specialist training which will allow them to tackle rural, wildlife, and heritage crime.


In Sussex, PCSOs are embedded with the wider Local Policing Prevention Teams. This strategy ensures that the Police resources will be focused on the most critical issues. Sussex Police has also noted that a recent increase in national police funding will go towards ensuring that they take a more proactive and preventative approach.