Ghani Questioned by Blackboys and Framfield Schools in Parliament

Students from Blackboys School and Framfield School were welcomed to Parliament by Nus Ghani, who was thoroughly quizzed on her job as an MP.

After an informative tour of the Palace of Westminster and an interactive session on political processes organised by the Parliamentary Education Centre, the young Wealden residents posed insightful questions to their Member of Parliament.

Nus Ghani offered reassurances to her young constituents over the spread of the coronavirus, explained what steps the Government is taking to protect the environment, and talked about the importance of reading for better job prospects.
Also of interest to the pupils was the packed working life of an MP, given that Nus Ghani had just shown them copies of the day’s Order Paper. She was able to address concerns in the room that the schedule seemed too packed and even explained how she likes to relax outside of work.

After the meeting Nus said:

‘It is fantastic to see not one, but two  Wealden schools visiting Parliament. As always, I was impressed with how up-to-date and relevant the questions from the floor were.’

‘These tours and Q&A sessions are great opportunities to get children interested in politics and the works of our precious democracy. I must thank the hard-working Wealden teachers and volunteers who make these sessions a success.’

‘Every year for the past 5 years, I have written to every primary school in Wealden encouraging them to book a visit to Parliament. I made a pledge, back in 2015 and at every election since, to open up Parliament to the next generation of leaders and inspire our students to never hold back in achieving their dream job.’