Consultation on Railway Station Ticket Offices

Train companies recently held a consultation on plans to modernise customer service across the railway network. I understand that proposals will see staff move from behind the ticket office screens to more visible and accessible roles around stations in order to better support customers.

Although the official consultation had closed on 1 September 2023, I am keen to hear your views on the use of ticket offices at Wealden train stations. Please use the form below to share them with me.

It is important to note that ticket offices have seen a significant decline in use over the last decade. In 2022/23, around 1 in 10 transactions occurred at a ticket office, this is down from 1 in 3 a decade earlier and equates to 13 per cent of total revenue, yet the number of ticket offices has not substantially changed.

An estimated 99 per cent of all transactions made at ticket offices last year can be made at Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) or online and where needed. I understand that TVMs across the network will be improved and upgraded.


Consultation on Railway Station Ticket Offices

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