Rural Crime Survey

Nusrat Ghani MP

We are extremely lucky that Wealden is a safe place to live with consistently low levels of crime. However, I am aware that incidents of rural crime, such as burglary, do occur and remain an area of concern, especially in the coming winter months. It is important for me to hear your perceptions now, so I can accurately represent them to the Police at our next meeting.

I am in regular contact with the Wealden District Commander to discuss individual cases of constituents, farmers, and local businesses who have reached out to me regarding local crime and its impact and I am constantly campaigning for more resources for Wealden.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to participate in the below survey to share your views and help me identify where there may be vulnerabilities that need working on. Your participation is completely voluntary and you may leave blank any questions you do not wish to answer. However, your views are very important to me and your input is key in allowing me to have a greater impact representing local concerns to the Police and putting forward a stronger case for additional resources for Wealden.

I will use the information you provide for the purposes of democratic engagement. This covers a wide range of activities inside and outside election periods, including but not limited to: democratic representation; communicating with you; surveying and opinion gathering, campaigning activities; activities to increase voter turnout; supporting the work of elected representatives, prospective candidates and official candidates; and fundraising to support any of these activities.

If you do not wish to receive future messages please let me know by writing to me at: or by post to: Nusrat Ghani MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Thank you for your time and participation.

Rural Crime Survey

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