WEALDEN HERO – Stephen Dann

I am delighted to announce that Stephen Dann has been awarded the Wealden Hero Award this week.

Stephen volunteers as a presenter of various shows at Hailsham FM and has been going to the studio every day throughout the pandemic, to ensure that local residents could reach the team and share local updates. Stephen has been keeping people informed about the latest guidelines and advice on how to stay safe, as well as sharing information and spreading the details of local volunteer groups and support networks, such as the Hailsham Crisis Support. Stephen himself has picked up on requests for support from local residents and has devoted his free time to supporting the vulnerable in the community, by taking people to hospitals and medical appointments, and by delivering food to them.

Our community radio stations are real lifelines to many constituents and I cannot thank them enough for all they have been doing during the Coronavirus pandemic. They are outstanding community assets run by local people for local people, and they have played a vital role during the crisis. The work and success of our local radio stations depends on a fantastic team of volunteers who dedicate their time to ensuring that their listeners have the most up to date information and know whom to contact for support. Stephen a great asset to the Hailsham FM team and has gone above and beyond for the Hailsham community. Many thanks for your efforts and dedication.