Secretary of State Accepts Nus Ghani's Invitation To Meet Local Rail Campaigners

Today, Nus Ghani invited the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, to meet local rail campaigners. The Secretary of State accepted this invitation.

This comes as welcome news following Nus’s meeting last week with two prominent local rail groups, East Sussex Rail Alliance and Rail Future, during which they discussed the ongoing situation with Southern Rail. The meeting was an opportunity for the rail groups set out their concerns about local rail provision and their ideas for the future of rail services in the constituency.

Nus has also requested a debate on the recommendations of the Gibb report in parliament. The Gibb report recommended the electrification of the Uckfield line and the provision of additional stabling facilities at Crowborough and will continue to press for these reforms to be delivered.

Commenting on the situation, Ms Ghani said: “It is important that local rail campaigners have the opportunity to meet the Secretary of State for Transport to discuss the future of the rail service in Wealden and their broader concerns about Southern Rail. As such, I am glad that the Secretary of State has agreed to a meeting. I look forward to discussing the sound financial and logistical case for the electrification of the Uckfield line and the additional depot at Crowborough in further detail with the Secretary of State.”