In Reflection

In the wake of this week's events in Westminster, it did not seem appropriate to send out a newsletter in the usual form, as I was supposed to do.

For on Wednesday our nation's capital was attacked, in the most cowardly and craven way imaginable. Innocent members of the public were targeted as they crossed Westminster Bridge, a structure painted green to reflect the colour of the benches that lie in the democratic chamber alongside which it sits.

The attacker then sought to breach the defences of our Parliament. He failed, stopped before he could gain access, but not before he took the life of a policeman simply doing his duty - to protect the heart of our democracy.

That evening, after a period of hours, the thousands of people who work in the Palace of Westminster queued calmly to go home. PC Keith Palmer, and those who so tragically lost their lives on Westminster Bridge, were unable to do the same. Despite the shock and the horror, those thousands of people were queuing again the next morning, returning to Parliament to carry on the work of democratic representation. Democracy in this country will not be paused.

The Prime Minister, speaking that same morning, reflected the views of those in Parliament and beyond. It was a message that the people of the United Kingdom have heard, believed and stood by for centuries, and one which, this week, applies more than ever. It is, simply, that "our values will prevail".


If you would like to donate to the Metropolitan Police Foundation's fundraising campaign for the family of PC Keith Palmer, you can do so by clicking here.