Nus Ghani’s Outstanding Visit to High Broom Care Home

Nus Ghani ended her first busy week back from Christmas recess, in Crowborough, where she returned to High Broom Care Centre.

She joined staff in celebrating the centre’s overall ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), a source of pride to its hard-working and dedicated staff.

The centre, which can host up to 38 residents, received the fantastic news on the last day of 2019, following a CQC inspection on the 11th of November 2019.

Nus Ghani was delighted to celebrate High Broom’s achievement alongside the jubilant personnel. She previously met with residents and care workers upon inaugurating a new chapter in the care home’s outstanding history, in December 2015. Back then, Nus Ghani reopened the home’s updated premises and facilities, following its passage into new ownership.

On Friday, Ghani remarked:

‘It is a pleasure to return to High Broom Care Centre. It seems that every time I come here, I get exciting news.’

‘The first time I visited this exceptional establishment, I was marking the end to the uncertainty over its future and thanking its new owners, QH High Broom for choosing to invest in later-life services in Crowborough. Now, I am here to laud their continued commitment to outstanding services, as the CQC put it, and congratulate the staff who have worked very hard for this prestigious recognition.’

‘High Broom’s “Outstanding” rating is a milestone for Wealden’s older-age care and a shining example of excellence when committed private ownership works closely with diligent workers to deliver top-class services.’