Nus Ghani Welcomes Collaboration with Citizens Advice To Support Universal Credit

Nusrat Ghani, Member of Parliament for Wealden, today welcomed the announcement the ‘Help to Claim’ service from Citizens Advice.

The service, will support the roll out of Universal Credit in Wealden. Help to Claim is free, confidential and impartial support provided by trained advisers from Citizens Advice. It is for people who need advice or practical support making their Universal Credit application and getting their first full correct payment on time.  

Help to Claim can provide people with advice on how to apply for Universal Credit and support them through the application process. The support provided will vary depending on individual need, but might include things such as: helping someone gather evidence of their housing or childcare costs; ensuring people know that Alternative Payment Arrangements are available; and offering advice on what to expect at a Jobcentre appointment and how to prepare for it.

People can get Help to Claim over the phone, online, or face to face through local Citizens Advice services.

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said:

“I am pleased to welcome this service to our local Citizens Advice service today.

“The introduction of Universal Credit is a vital step to streamlining the way people in Wealden receive their benefits, as well as encouraging people into work.

“By ensuring people who take on work do not lose all their benefits at once, Universal Credit ensures it always pays to take on part-time, fixed-term, or permanent work: whatever suits your personal situation.

“This service will ensure that the roll-out of this service is done in a way that can support the needs of Wealden constituents, by providing easy-to-access information and support.

“I am delighted that Department of Work and Pensions has developed this new service with Citizens Advice, and look forward to hearing about the lives improved by the new system.”