Nus Ghani Welcomes Announcement on £1.3bn Boost to the Core Schools Budget

Nus Ghani has welcomed today’s announcement that there will be an additional £1.3 billion for schools funding over two years – helping to create more good school places in Wealden.

Education Secretary Justine Greening today announced the boost to the core schools budget, which will deliver the biggest improvement to the school funding system for well over a decade. 

This additional funding to the fairer schools funding will mean an increase in the basic amount that every pupil will get, protected funding for those with high needs and will ensure every local authority is in a position to give schools a cash increase through the new formula.

This means that, working with teachers and schools across the country, we can continue to raise standards and give every child the best possible education, and the best opportunities for their future.

Speaking in the Commons following the announcement, Ms Ghani said: “I welcome the extra funding for schools in my constituency, especially the extra investment in the core schools budget and the higher per-pupil funding. Will the Secretary of State confirm that the new formula will address the unfairness that has seen some schools in Wealden and across East Sussex remain underfunded for many years?”

In response to Ms Ghani’s question, Justine Greening said: “Yes, it will. My hon. Friend speaks up tirelessly for her local community on this, and today’s announcement will mean more money for that community. I have no doubt that her local authority will now want to ensure that it spreads that money fairly and will set out the notional allocations for schools in the autumn.”

Commenting on the announcement, Ms Ghani said: “This Government is committed to ending the postcode lottery of school funding – so all children receive the education they deserve, wherever they live.

Today’s announcement sends a clear message that we are committed to raising standards and giving every child the best possible education and the best possible opportunities for their future.”