Nus Ghani Visits Spring Farm Alpacas in Fletching

Last weekend, Nus visited Spring Farm Alpacas in Fletching in order to meet the owners, Chris and Vicki Agar, and learn about the farm.

Spring Farm is an award winning alpaca farm, established in Fletching in 2000. Their herd numbers approximately 110 alpacas, some of which compete in national-level competitions.

The farm constitutes over 100 acres of pasture and woodland, which is managed with a commitment to Higher Level Countryside Stewardship in mind. This means that the farm is ecologically friendly, as well as recognised in terms of animal welfare and biosecurity.

In addition to running various events for families and ‘alpaca walks’ for visitors, Spring Farm offers courses on animal husbandry and workshops on the uses of alpaca fleece. The farm also produces wildflower haylage and hay and sells clothing made on-site out of alpaca fibre.

Commenting on the visit, Ms Ghani said: “I very much enjoyed visiting Spring Farm and being introduced to some of my fuzzier constituents!

I am glad that this farm is being run in an environmentally-conscious way - it is undoubtedly an asset to the local economy and to tourism in our area. I wish Chris and Vicki every success in their future work on the farm and in any upcoming competitions with their alpacas.

I am told that new baby alpacas born on the farm are to be named after characters from Game of Thrones and I am certain that this will prove popular with visitors!”