Nus Ghani Speaks at Conservative Rural Affairs Group Event

Nus Ghani delivered a speech at the Conservative Rural Affairs Group event at the Conservative Party Conference yesterday. The other speakers were Dr Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Colin Clark MP and Rebecca Pow MP. The event was very well attended, with several guests from Wealden in the audience.

In her speech, Nus discussed various issues affecting rural communities, from planning to funding, as well as the opportunities Brexit presents. She drew upon her discussions with rural businesses of all shapes and sizes from across Wealden to illustrate the interests and concerns of rural communities.

Nus is a Parliamentary Representative for the Conservative Rural Affairs Group, which seeks to campaign on behalf of rural communities across Britain and to promote the interests of farmers and other rural businesses in Parliament.

Nus has previously reached out to every farm in Wealden and invited them to share their views with her and she is currently working with the National Farmers Union to produce an action plan for the future of Wealden’s farms. Nus also runs an ongoing campaign for Wealden’s vineyards, and is working hard to help promote local sparkling wine in overseas markets. Earlier this year she introduced a bill in the House of Commons earlier this year which sought to ensure that British embassies and consulates serve English wines at events and functions.

Commenting on the event, Ms Ghani said: “I was honoured to deliver a speech at the Conservative Rural Affairs Group event at Conference yesterday. I was particularly delighted to meet some guests from Wealden at the event and to have the opportunity to discuss their specific queries and concerns with them.

Now that Brexit negotiations are well and truly underway, rural businesses are at a pivotal juncture and we must strive to ensure that their diverse interests are served by post-Brexit policy. We must remember that the changes made to agricultural policy in the wake of Brexit will have an impact that extends much further than farming and rural businesses, the changes will impact huge communities and the national economy.

I am very fortunate to represent such a beautiful and dynamic rural constituency and in the coming months, and years, I will work harder than ever to ensure that the interests of rural Britain remain at the top of the agenda in the era of Brexit.”