Nus Ghani re-elected as MP for Wealden

Nus Ghani was re-elected as the MP for Wealden with the largest vote share ever secured for the constituency with 37,027 residents voting for Nus, leading to a majority of 23,628.

The election saw a voter turn out in Wealden of 74.3% with Nus securing 61.2% of the vote and gaining an increase from 2015 where Nus secured 57% of the vote. Both the Green Party and UKIP lost their deposits as they failed to secure enough votes.

Nus Ghani said: “I want to thank everyone that voted for me. I am honoured and humbled to have such support across Wealden and will endeavour to do my best for all constituents. I would also like to thank everyone that supported me over the election campaign and pay special tribute to all the brilliant volunteers including my Campaign Manager Jeannette Towey. We had a wonderful result in Wealden where we increased the Conservative share of the vote with the biggest result we have ever secured in this constituency. Clearly, at a national level we did not achieve the result we wanted and we need to reflect on the result. However we secured 44% of the vote nationally, winning 318 seats compared to 262 for Labour, and it is right that the party which secured the most seats forms the Government. We have a duty and responsibility to govern and only the Conservatives have the legitimacy and ability to form a government. I will be returning to Westminster to work tirelessly both in the national interest and to serve Wealden.”