Nus Ghani Champions Wealden Women In Talk At Bridge Cottage

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, spoke at Bridge Cottage in Uckfield about inspiring Wealden and Sussex women, and how, as the first female MP for Wealden, Nus continues to champion the cause of women’s equality in politics.

The talk was given as part of Bridge Cottage’s Women of Wealden Suffrage exhibition, celebrating the centenary of women getting the vote for the first time.

Bridge Cottage Education Officer, Nicola Stewart, also spoke at the event, detailing the inspirational stories of little known historical figures across Sussex who had significant parts to play in the fight for female suffrage.     

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said: “It is an honour to represent Wealden in Parliament, and to be able to do so is thanks to the courage and determination of the suffragettes a hundred years ago.

“As an MP, I do not have to justify my gender to represent one of my constituents, nor do I have to justify how I represent someone because of my gender.

“That is how it must be in society too, and in every community, in every family, and in every organisation. This is unfortunately not the case across the country.

“In Wealden, men earn 20.8 per cent more than women doing similar jobs – we must champion these women, and encourage even more to take on underrepresented careers such as engineering.

“When I visit schools across Wealden, meeting the next generation of female leaders, I also hope to demonstrate that the green benches of the Houses of Commons are a welcome place for Wealden women.”