Nus Ghani Backs Deposit Return Scheme to Crack Down on Plastic

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, is backing a deposit return scheme on plastic, glass and metal single use drinks containers.

The scheme will see consumers pay an up-front deposit when they buy a drink, and has proven to be incredibly successful in countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Germany were recycling rates can be above 95 per cent.

A deposit return scheme will increase recycling rates and slash the amount of waste polluting the environment. The scheme will go to consultation later this year.

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said: “Looking after our environment is one of the most important issues of this generation, and my mailbag is always full of correspondence from constituents who care greatly about our beautiful Wealden countryside.

“I am glad that this Conservative policy will be implemented. A deposit return scheme will dramatically improve our recycling rates, helping to pass on a clean and healthy environment to our children.

“The Government has been leading the way on the environment, having already banned plastic microbeads and implemented the 5p plastic bag charge, which has led to 9 billion fewer plastic bags.

“A deposit return scheme is further evidence of our commitment to the environment, taking action on plastic bottles to help clean up our environment and our oceans.”