Launch of Wealden Pub Survey

Wealden’s MP, Nus Ghani, has launched a survey for pub landlords in her constituency.

As a member of the All-Party Groups on Rural Business and on Wine and Spirits, and an enthusiastic supporter of locally-brewed beer and wine, Nus is keen to know more about the industry and about the challenges faced by landlords, so that she can more effectively support Wealden’s pubs and stand up for them in Parliament.

During her election campaign, Nus toured the constituency for her regular “Pub Politics” discussion events in various towns and villages, which proved a popular way of engaging local voters in the debates which defined the election campaign.

In her letter to Wealden’s 81 pubs, Nus writes: “Pubs are possibly the greatest of our great British institutions. No other can match the pub for its historical, cultural and social importance. We must protect our pubs, celebrate them and ensure they can continue to thrive.”

Questions featured in the survey include whether they regularly host any community events, whether they have any special provision for older people, and whether the Government should set a legal minimum price for alcohol. It also asks what advice landlords would give to someone considering entering the pub trade, and what suggests they have for how the Government can better support Britain’s pubs.

Commenting, Nus said: “I wanted to launch this survey because Wealden has sadly lost a couple of its pubs in recent years, and we must work harder to protect them and save them from closure. Pubs are a social hub at the heart of a community, as well as a big part of the local economy, and I want to ensure that rural pubs in our villages and towns are represented in Parliament the way they deserve to be.”