Hailsham Careers Fair Inspires Students

Nus Ghani attended the Hailsham Community College Careers Fair and continues to be it's champion. The Careers Fair is for students of all ages at Hailsham Community College, supported by over 50 local and national businesses. After a year of organisation and planning by the teachers at Hailsham Community College and Nus, it attracted even more businesses than last year. 

Students visited a large variety of stalls to learn about careers in a multitude of different disciplines, from apprenticeships in engineering, working in health services or learning how to bake professionally. Also in attendance were universities from around the country, making their pitch to the enthusiastic and engaged Hailsham students. 

Ms Ghani said: “It was great to be back at Hailsham Community College for another of their fantastic careers fairs. I have championed two careers fairs for the college and the dedication and passion of the teachers over the last year produced a successful packed out careers fair. 

“They have always been a huge success in the past and this year was no different. With such an excellent range of employers, colleges, universities, apprenticeships and voluntary and armed forces opportunities, it’s no surprise that so many students found inspiration in so many different career choices.

“Local businesses hiring local people is great news for the local economy. It was especially rewarding to see so many apprenticeships on offer, too, really demonstrating the wide depth of choice the Hailsham students have available to them.

“I’d like to thank everyone at the College for their hard work in organising the event, the businesses for putting on such a wonderful variety of options, but most all the students who really made the event a success with their creativity and enthusiasm.”