Ghani welcomes £25m boost for Hospices and Palliative Care

The Prime Minister has announced £25 million funding for hospices and palliative care services in England. As a patron of Hospice in the Weald, Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, recognises the vital role that hospices play in providing end of life care to a high standard and contributing to their local communities alongside the NHS. 

Nus Ghani said “I am particularly pleased to have visited the new hospice being built near Mayfield by Hospice in the Weald as this will bring valued services closer to Wealden. It has been an honour to serve as a Paton of Hospice in the Weald and see first-hand the vital and caring work they do. The work of hospices is crucial to families across Wealden but is rarely discussed or recognised, which is why I am pleased to welcome the new funding having campaigned to recognise the compassionate work of hospices. Many of us are aware of the dedicated NHS community teams whose nurses are also providing compassionate, holistic care to patients approaching the end of life and supporting their loved ones and carers. Whether care is provided by a hospice or a local NHS service, what is important is that everyone can access high quality personalised end of life care where and when they need it.”

The Government’s £25 million cash boost is to support hospices and palliative care services so they can continue to be an important part of our end of life care services. This funding is in addition to the announcement on 1 June to increase the children’s hospice grant from £12 million to £25 million by 2023/24.

As well as stepping up our support for hospices and palliative care, further support is available for NHS commissioners to shape and deliver services in line with the Government’s End of Life Care Choice Commitment. The Choice Commitment sets out what everyone should expect from the care at the end of life and the actions being taken to make high quality and personalisation a reality for all.