Nusrat Ghani, MP for Wealden, has welcomed the next steps in Sussex Police’s initiative to raise awareness of domestic abuse during the current lockdown.  Working with supermarkets across Sussex to encourage reporting and enable the identification and safeguarding of victims, Sussex Police will be providing a physical police presence in local supermarkets and advertise key messages.  

Sussex Police are also preparing a digital campaign for social media which will also be distributed to GP surgeries for them to include on their digital display boards and websites.  Business cards will also be passed out by officers on their patrols and at supermarkets which will include a victim support number to signpost people to a local provider.  

Anyone in fear of their safety should contact the police and if unable to speak can dial 55 after 999, to alert the police.

Nusrat Ghani said “Having worked with Sussex Police to support domestic violence victims and survivors during the lock down and supported the Government's #youarenotalone campaign, I am pleased we can go further in Wealden to offer contact in public places, including supermarkets. Domestic violence has increased across Wealden and  the rise in cases of physical, sexual, economic and emotional abuse has lead to a coordinated campaign across Wealden to try and reach victims during the lockdown, I am pleased with the announcement that there will now be a police presence at Wealden supermarkets, enabling people to discreetly reach out for help when they need it. Please reach out if you need help, #youarenotalone."

Sussex Police will be at the following locations across Wealden in the coming weeks:


Monday 4th May 10.00 - Morrisons 

Friday 8th May 17.00 - Tesco



Wednesday 6th May 10.00 - Tesco

Wednesday 13th May 17.00 - Waitrose



Monday 4th May 10.00 - Asda

Tuesday 12th May 13.00 - Tesco


As well as Sussex Police, victims can also contact The Portal for support and advice. The Portal is a partnership of leading domestic and sexual abuse and violence charities in Sussex - please see for further information or they can be contacted at or 0300 323 9985.