Ghani in Mayfield to discuss Telecoms Mast

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden held her regular MP surgery in London House, Mayfield. She also met with representatives of the Mayfield MASST campaign and local councillors to discuss the pre application proposal submitted by Waldon Telecom, on behalf of CTIL (Vodafone) and Telefonica (02), to erect a 12.5 meter mobile phone mast in the South Street Car Park in Mayfield.


Nus Ghani has been in discussions with local residents and councillors in relation to the proposals. So far, she has received hundreds of letters and emails from villagers on the issue which focused on the lack of communication and clarity from the corporates involved. 


Nus Ghani has also been corresponding with representatives from Waldon Telecom, who had been invited to attend the meeting in the village. Unfortunately, Waldon Telecom declined to meet the MP in the village to scope out alternative sites in Mayfield. Waldon Telecom have also continued to refuse invitations from to the Mayfield MASST group and recently declined the opportunity to engage with local residents at a Public meeting on Tuesday 1st October. Currently no full planning application has been submitted.


At the meeting, attendees discussed with Nus what they believe to be viable alternative sites for the proposed mast. Whilst the group agreed that the installation is essential to the continued improvement program to provide new 2G, 3G and 4G coverage in the area, the proposed location is not suitable. 


Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said:


“I have been in continuous contact with local councillors and representatives of Mayfield MASST and was very pleased to meet them in Mayfield to discuss the current situation and to look at alternative sites for the proposed installation.”


“I am very disappointed and frustrated that Waldon Telecom refused to join us in Mayfield to discuss concerns raised by many constituents regarding a 12.5m installation at the South Street Car Park.”


“The lack of accountability, transparency and lack of communication from Waldon Telecoms is a cause for concern. Mayfield residents deserve an accurate, timely response to the concerns they have raised. I will continue to work with local residents of Mayfield and I am currently working on arranging a meeting with Waldon Telecom in Westminster to seek clarity on their reluctance to engage with Mayfield MASST.”