Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, is delighted to have been appointed to serve on the House of Commons Panel of Chairs.

The Panel of Chairs is made up of three Deputy Speakers and Members of Parliament chosen by the Speaker. Members of the Panel chair Public Bill committees and other general committees in the House of Commons, chair debates in Westminster Hall and may act as temporary chair during a Committee of the whole House. The Panel also has the power to meet to consider matters relating to procedure in the general committees and report its findings to the House of Commons.

Members are appointed to serve for the life of the Parliament.

Nus Ghani said: “It is an honour to be appointed by the Speaker and to play a key part in legislating for our country and delivering on the Government's programme of work as agreed in the Queen's Speech. The position of Chairman during committee meetings or Westminster Hall debates comes with great responsibility of ensuring that our oldest legal processes are adhered to. Parliament sets the law and as an MP, it is my job to help shape and establish new laws. As a Chairman, I now have a further role in overseeing Bills and debates for our country. I hope to do Wealden proud in this role. I look forward to declaring ‘Order, Order’ at my first sitting soon."

More information about the Membership can be found here.