Nus Ghani Secures Further Help for Wealden Businesses

April 7, 2020

After representations made to Wealden District Council, Nus Ghani has secured a suspension in Premises Licence fees for businesses and farmers in Wealden, amidst the Covid-19 public health emergency.

Due to the Government’s guidelines on postponing or cancelling public and private gatherings, Wealden businesses and farmers who supplement their income with events were left without work and the added cost of paying the fee for their Premises Licence.

Nus Ghani was contacted by farmers who had paid or were being charged by Wealden District Council for a licence that they would not need, given the current climate.

Ghani successfully lobbied Wealden District Council to stop charging Premises Fees, as an additional measure to safeguard businesses during these uncertain times. The Council Leader, Bob Standley agreed to the proposal and confirmed that the fees will be suspended.

Upon hearing the news, Nus said:

‘Relieving businesses from paying for their Premises Licence, during these unprecedented times, when events cannot take place, is not only fair, but also an additional safety measure for Wealden entrepreneurs to have under their belt.’

‘I am glad that Wealden District Council have taken my suggestions on board. I am in constant contact with them, as well as with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and HM Treasury, looking at ways to ensure that our hardworking business owners and managers can steer their businesses through this turbulent time and reopen as soon as we have defeated this virus.’


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