How You Can Help

The Government has published a guide entitled How to Help Safely. Please consult it if you are planning on helping out during this unprecendented crisis

There is a number of things people can do to help those affected by or at risk from Coronavirus, in a safe manner.

The Government has launched an appeal for NHS volunteers. If you are fit and healthy, please visit to register.

Spend a Minute a Day for Science

Science has been at the root of our approach and response to the Covid-19 public health emergency. To make sure that scientists get a good overall picture and understanding of the situation, healthy members of the public, as well as those with Covid-19 are encouraged to log their symptoms daily on the COVID Symptom Tracker. The process is simple and only takes one minute.

Volunteer with the Red Cross

By becoming a community reserve volunteer, you will help your community get back on track in the event of a major local emergency. This may be particularly important right now and we are working with the authorities to support the Covid-19 response in the best possible way.

For more information and sign-up forms, please visit the official page on volunteering with the Red Cross .

Check if Your Family and Friends Need Help

If you are fit and healthy and know someone in an at-risk category or self isolating, especially people over 70, people with serious health conditions, and pregnant women, please consider helping them, by running errands for them and aiding them stock up.