APPG Memberships

An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is an informal grouping of MPs and members of the House of Lords, from all parties, who have an interest in or concern about a particular issue. APPGs are set up to promote cross-party discussion and campaigning, on a huge range of issues including home education, fuel poverty, epilepsy and the Commonwealth.

APPGs allow parliamentarians to be active in areas which are of concern or interest to their constituents or to them personally, perhaps relating to campaigning they have done before their election as an MP.

Nus is currently an officer of six APPGs and a member of many others, details of which can be found below.

APPG on Ageing and Older People (Chair)

A group of MPs who wish to engage with the political and legislative issues before Parliament affecting people in later life. This includes issues ranging from housing and transport to loneliness, health and social care.

APPG on Eye Health and Visual Impairment (Chair)

To inform and educate parliamentarians about the importance of high quality eye care for the prevention of eye disease, sight loss and blindness and for the eye health of the nation; and to promote better understanding of visual impairment and greater social inclusion.

APPG on Thalidomide (Vice-Chair)

To provide support to those whose lives were affected by exposure to the drug Thalidomide.

APPG on Women in Parliament (Vice Chair)

A group of MPs who seek to increase the number of women in Parliament, in all parties, and who wish to encourage women to get involved in public life.

APPG on Domestic Violence (Officer)

A group of MPs committed to working towards the elimination of domestic violence, tasked with highlighting issues arising which may affect victims and potential victims of domestic violence, and to contribute to the development of policy.

APPG on Counter-Extremism (Officer)

A group of MPs who seek to aid Parliament by alerting it to the dangers of extremism, helping to identify the implications of extremism and the responses that society can take to combat its origins and effects, and offering leadership in challenging existing extremism.

APPG on Rural Services (Member)

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Rural Services is a cross party Group of MP’s from rural constituencies that come together around 4 times a year to promote debate on the provision of rural services and to issue periodic reports

APPG on Dairy (Member)

The Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers which aims to provide a forum for parliamentarians to discuss issues of interest for the dairy industry and ensure parliamentarians are fully briefed on developments in the dairy supply chain.

APPG on Equitable Life (Member)

To provide a cross-party forum in which to hold the government to account on the issue of properly compensating Equitable Life policy holders.

APPG on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood (Member)

To promote awareness of, and campaign for, people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders and people infected with Hepatitis C and HIV due to contaminated blood products used in their NHS treatment.

APPG on Afghanistan (Member)

To discuss the future of Afghanistan and provide a forum where all the aspects of the rebuilding of Afghanistan can be discussed in a constructive and non-confrontational manner.

APP Wine and Spirit Group (Member)

To promote and inform on the economic and commercial benefits of the UK wine and spirits trade; to inform and stimulate debate on issues of relevance to the trade and to consumers; and to introduce parliamentarians to members of the trade from their constituencies.

APPG on Heritage Rail (Member)

To brief parliamentarians about heritage railways, the contribution they make to their local and regional economies and the skills training opportunities involved.

APPG on Science and Technology in Agriculture (Member)

To provide a forum for Parliamentarians and other interested parties to debate and highlight the value of science and technology in agriculture.

APPG on Rural Business (Member)

The group will meet with Ministers to discuss a variety of issues, hold evidence sessions and make recommendations on key policy areas, as well as providing MPs with a forum for celebrating rural business in Parliament.

APPG on Human Trafficking (Member)

To raise awareness of the scale and effects of human trafficking into the UK and the EU; to seek solutions to reduce supply and demand; and to improve welfare provisions for victims.

APPG on Women, Peace and Security (Member)

To provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of issues relating to women, peace and security, bringing together civil society, policymakers and parliamentarians. Focused on UK implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325, the APPG promotes the vital role women play in peacebuilding, conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction globally.

APPG on Diabetes (Member)

To raise awareness of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and to promote engagement between parliamentarians, clinicians, relevant organisations and patients.

APPG on Parkinson's (Member)

To raise awareness of the condition amongst parliamentarians, to influence legislation and policy makers in order to improve the lives of people affected. 

Further information about APPGs, and a full list of current APPGs, can be found on the Parliament website.